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Hiiiii I wanna write people things cause I have such awesome writing skills…. haha. Sooo if you want a request I will happily do them!! So far since i’m kinda new to all this, I’m only gonna do Of Mice and Men, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, and Andy Biersack. But if you give me enough info on anything I’ll happily try my very best :3!!!

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Alan Ashby Imagine: Obvious

A/N: Hi :3 Sooooo imagines and tumblr pretty much have my soul. So I figured why not write ANOTHER imagine about none other than Alan Ashby. Many is he so damn cute. I hope you enjoy it. 
This idea came to me when I was doing something. Pretty much Y/N is a friend of the band’s and you’re with them with on warped tour and you like Alan, he likes you back, neither of you know, but he meets this girl and is all flirty and well it’s just major fluff. Enjoy!!


He was hurling spitballs my way. Spitballs! What are we in elementary school? However, I had a bag of skittles, so I used those. 

“Would the two of you stop?” Phil exclaimed. 

“What are we doing?” Alan asked. 

“Being immature.” He replied. “I’m not picking up all these spitballs and skittles.” 

“I got it.” I replied, feeling bad for trashing their tour bus.  I got up from my seat and began picking up the skittles that had fallen on the ground near Alan. I held them in my hand…until I was bombarded by Alan. He attacked me onto the floor and began tickling me. I spilt the skittles. 

“What the hell?!” I cried out laughing. He tickled my sides and I tried my best to get him back. 

“Break it up you two.” Austin exclaimed. 

“Hush Carlile.” Alan said focusing on tickling me. 

“Well don’t kill her.” My face was turning red from laughing. “She’s like suffocating.” Alan stopped for a moment, giving me time to quickly recover and pin him on the ground to tickle him. 

“Thanks a lot Austin!” Alan tried to say. He was laughing too much. Austin laughed. I defeated Alan. I put my arms up in victory. Then Alan wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. I looked down at him and we stared at each other. 

“Yes?” My fingers played with his hair a little. 

“Boobs.” Was all he said. I blushed and rolled my eyes. I tried to bite his nose before I got off of him. I gathered up the skittles and held them in my hand. I sat back down where I had been and sighed. 

“What the heck was that about?” Austin asked. 

“What was what?” I asked out of breath. Alan had gone to the way back for something. Austin smirked and looked down at his phone. 

“All of that.” He said motioning with his hand where Alan and I had just had a tickle fight. 

“THAT was nothing. He attacked me first, and we were just having fun.” I fixed my hair and ate the skittles. I thought why not. 

“Y/N, really? Nothing. Just we had fun?” 

“Look I really don’t wanna get into-“ 

“You like Alan, don’t you?” I playfully hit Austin’s arm and shushed him. I felt my face begin to get hot. I tried my best to hide the huge smile that was coming across my face. 

“Don’t say shit, please please pleeeeeease.” I begged. 

“Okay, okay okay. You know I won’t.” Austin put his phone in his pocket. “But it’s kind of obvious.” 

“No it’s not.” 

“Yes it is. Want me to ask Phil?” 

“Not real–“ 

“Hey Phil!!” Austin hollered. I put my hands over his mouth. Luckily for me he was listening to his music. Austin pulled my hands off his mouth. “Phil!” He waved his arms in the air and that got his attention. 


“Did you know she’s got a crush on Alan?” 

“Who? Y/N?” Phil questioned. Austin nodded. I hid my face in my hands. I was blushing mad hardcore. 

“Y/N I hate to break it to you, but it’s a little too obvious.” 

“How?” I asked. 

“I dunno. It just is. But lucky for you he’s oblivious.” Phil said. 

“Why don’t you want him to know?” Austin asked. 

“Cause if he doesn’t feel that way it’ll make things really awkward…” My voice trailed off. 

“But what if he likes you back?” 

“Then I have no idea. I’d rather find out my own way.” I replied. I sighed, knowing my way was extremely…anxiety provoking. Alan came back with Tino. He playfully tried to tickle me again. 

“Haha you really didn’t get enough?” I asked. “I’m just gonna win again.” 

“Nope.” Alan said. 

“Please you two…don’t.” Tino exclaimed. 

“Yeah it’ll get him too hot and bothered.” Austin chuckled. 

“Ew!” I retorted. 

— A Little Later —

The boys were finishing up preforming and I was back in the bus. I laid in the lounge and starred at the ceiling. The worst part…? He didn’t like me back. He’s not gonna avoid me like the plague. But how would I say it? Blurt it out? Think of a clever way? So many little fantasies played out in my mind. Each one better than the first. 

“Hey Y/N! Get your butt out here. Don’t be anti-social!” Tino called. I slipped on my white Toms and headed to the front of the bus. “There you are!” 

“Hey.” I said sweetly. I saw all the guys and a few fans. One fan in particular caught my attention. She was hanging all over Alan. What caught my eye even more, he had his arm around her and kept saying little things into her ear to make her giggle. I tried my best to ignore that. I caught Austin’s eye and walked over to him. Feeling it was the safest place to be. “How was it?” I asked. 

“Amazing…like always.” I smiled, trying to keep my gaze off of Alan and this girl. A tear of jealousy and heartbreak fell down my cheek. “Hey Y/N, you alright?” I wiped it away. 

“Yeah…I’m fine.” I lied. 

— Austin’s POV —

“Hey Y/N, Austin!” Alan hollered coming over to the two of us. I sensed she was pissed. What could I do? As a loyal friend I wasn’t going to say anything…well at least not right now. I watched her hold all her tears back and smile. Wow. 

“This is Austin.” Alan introduced me. I smiled at the girl who he had been flirting with. She was the same height as Y/N, slender, had tattoos, piercings, and bleached blonde hair with black underneath. Alan reached for Y/N, but she pulled away. “And this is–“ 

“Holy shit you’re Y/N! Oh my gosh this is so fucking amazing!” The girl exclaimed happily. Y/N tired her best to keep it together. 

“Wow.” She said. “It’s nice to meet someone who likes me.” She chuckled nervously. 

“Are you kidding?” The girl exclaimed. “People love you.” Y/N looked at Alan and then down at her feet. Alan kept his gaze on this girl. 

“And what’s your name? Alan never said that.” Y/N asked. 

“Sarah.” The girl smiled sweetly. She wrapped her arms around Alan and kissed his cheek. 

“I”m sorry…I hum I don’t feel very well. It was nice meeting you though.” Y/N said, turning around quickly and fast walking back to the bus. Alan was kissing this girl now. 

“So I’m gonna go make sure she’s okay.” I said. 

“K man.” Alan replied. I walked in the direction Y/N had walked. I entered the tour bus and I could hear her sobbing. 

— Your POV —

I tried my best not to cry. I had done my make up perfectly and I didn’t want to ruin that. But as I looked at myself in my little mirror the tears came. She was so much fucking prettier than me. Why would I even think it would happen? I had it even planned out, what I was going to say. 

“Y/N?” I heard Austin say softly. 

“Don’t say anything please.” 

“Hey that’s all bullshit.” He said. 


“Are you kidding me? Alan’s just getting off the high of preforming. He’s not into that girl.” 

“Why not? She’s pretty, gorgeous, and sweet.” Austin bit his lip. 

“You know with all these secrets you and Alan put me in such a hard position.” He said a little aggravated. I wiped my tears and smeared my make up. I began to take a tissue and wipe off the residue. 

“Austin come on, did you not see her? Were we not starring at the same blonde?” Austin messed his hair up and sighed. 

“Yeah I saw her Y/N. She is literally a negative 0 compared to you.” 

“Austin don’t flatter me.” 

“I’m not. I’m being honest.” Phil and Tino came in and I quickly wiped away the rest of my eye make up. “Believe me Y/N, it’s all bullshit.” With that Austin left the tour bus. I looked at Tino and Phil. Aaron came in next. 

“You okay?” Phil asked. 

“Yeah.” I sighed heavily. 

“No you’re not.” Aaron exclaimed. 

“Was it that girl?” Tino asked. 

“So? What if?” I chuckled a little. He made a face. “What?” 

“Don’t be upset.” 

“Why?” I asked. The three of them exchanged looks. 

“Just don’t.” Phil stated. “It’s nothing.” His eyes went from me to Aaron. 

“Hey I barely know anything.” I raised my eyebrows. “I swear to god  I don’t know anything.” 

— Austin’s POV —

Alan and Sarah were still lingering outside the tour bus. He was talking to a few other fans as well. 

“Hey Alan!” I called out. The girls faces lit up when they saw me. I got to where they all were. “Can we have a chat?” I asked. 

“Yeah man what’s up?” He asked. 

I cleared my throat then spoke, “Privately.” 

“Oh…um okay.” He let go of the blonde’s waist and whispered something in her ear. We walked away from them and then Alan stood in front of me and crossed his arms. “What’s up?” 

“Seriously!?” I shouted that without any warning. “Honestly dude really?” 

“What…are you ‘seriously’ing me about?” Alan was either being a real idiot or he was being a real idiot! 

“How can you stand there and have your arm around that girl and talk to Y/N like it’s no big deal.” Alan looked so confused. “Okay, why do you think she pranced off like that?” 

“She said she didn’t feel good…” he trailed off.

“Don’t be an idiot Alan!” 

“Why are you yelling at–“ 

“Because you have had the biggest crush on her and now you’re just-“ I didn’t mean to shout that, but I was mad. The two of them liked each other a whole lot. Alan told me and Y/N told me. Well I guessed. And it’s really stupid. Ugh! 

“Why are you getting so upset about this?” Alan ran his fingers through his hair. “Look I kind of stopped after I saw the two of you–“ 

“Alan she doesn’t like me. Nothing. We’re friends.” There was silence between us. I’m sure he was trying to figure things out. “Do you just not get it?” I said a little more calmer. “She likes you. She likes you a whole freakin’ lot.” 

— Alan’s POV —

No. No. No. No. No. 

“She likes you Alan. Are you kidding me? It’s so obvious.” 

“I thought she liked you.” I felt so horrible. I turned on my heels and headed towards the tour bus. I fucked up…oh great. Now what am I gonna do? I worried all the way back. I frantically opened the door. Phil, Aaron, and Tino were sitting and chilling. 

Phil pointed towards the back. I walked as fast as I could. I saw her sitting, turned towards the wall and I could hear her sobbing. I put my hands over her eyes and waited for her to speak. 

“OK, come on guys stop. I know it’s you Austin.” She took out her headphones and then turned around. “Alan what are you doing?” Before I knew what I was gonna say, I attacked her to the ground and began to tickle her…just like we had earlier. I saw that beautiful smile that I had been wanting to see. She tried her best to fight back through the tickles and the tears. I then pulled her body close to mine and kissed her prefect pink lips. She kissed me back and then we broke apart. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I really am sorry. I do like you. I like you a whole lot. In fact I think I’m in love with you.” She stared at me with her big Y/Eye Color’s eyes and I saw her whole face light up. I caressed her face with my thumb and wiped away any remaining tears. 

“Alan, it’s okay.” She said sweetly. 

“I really hope you don’t think I’m a huge douche bag. Please don’t please–“ She giggled and pulled my face closer for another kiss. 

“No.” She said quietly. “But I have a secret.” 

“What?” I asked, eagerly waiting to hear. 

“Actually two.” She giggled. “I pinned you again.” She pushed me onto my back and smirked down at me. Y/N bent down and kissed my lips. By now I didn’t even care about that. 

“And two?” I asked. 

“I love you Alan.” I caressed her cheek again. 

“I love you too Y/N.” 

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